In productionDocumentary

Lisca Bianca – Nata libera

Italia 2024
4K, 16:9, colore, 52
produced by Ginko Film, 2024
direction Giuseppe Galante, Giorgia Sciabbica

The movie tells the story of Lisca Bianca, White Fishbone, a sail boat that “has been changing people’s lives” for 40 years; a boat which can become a house, go around the world and it’s now a chance of redemption for people in distress. Through the eyes of a young couple of skippers, a sociologist passionate about sailing, and the voice of the woman who had it built, we’ll get to know the mythological figure of Lisca Bianca, an almost magical “being” which, re-born from its ashes after 30 years of neglect, keeps making dreams of freedom come true.


regia / direction Giuseppe Galante Giorgia Chiara Luna Sciabbica fotografia/cinematography Giuseppe Galante Giorgia Chiara Luna Sciabbica operatori aggiuntivi /additional photography Ruben Monterosso Stefano Salvatori fonico presa diretta / sound engineers Francesco Vitaliti Sebastiano Caceffo Danilo Romancino Vittorio Di Matteo Gabriele Gugliara montaggio/editing Beatrice Perego Giuseppe Galante supervisione al montaggio Chiara Andrich musiche originali / music Sergio Beercock produttori / producers Chiara Andrich Andrea Mura Giovanni Pellegrini Color correction Lemov Studio, Ivan Monterosso Sound designer Francesco Vitaliti Finanziato da / Funded by Regione Siciliana, Sicilia Film Commission In collaborazione / In cooperation with CRicd, Ussm, Lisca Bianca progetto selezionato / project selected Insular Workshop – Eurodoc Corsica 2022 Laboratorio Nord Est Doc Camp 2023 Una produzione Ginko Film 2024


con/with Marco Mancini Andrea Sanchez Gioele Gagliano Angelo Mirabile Diana Albeggiani