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Nobody is coming

Francia, Italia 2022
16 mm, color, 7
produced by Ginko Film, Paris 8 Universitè, 2022
direction Georgia Panagou

From an observation point in a shopping mall in the heart of Paris, silhouettes look up at the sky waiting for something to happen. At the same time on the frontiers with Europe, others are preparing their shopping list.

At images filmed at a distance of 200 meters we observe human silhouettes looking forward and upwards. We can’t distinguish their faces nor their clothes; we don’t know exactly where they are as there is no reference in space. It’s only them and the sky. The sound is dissociated from the image and we can hear a list of objects. In February 2022, several I.O.M. employees and volunteers moved to the borders to facilitate and organize the flow of refugees crossing the border between Ukraine and Poland, trying to facilitate their access to European countries that wanted to help.


Director/ Editor Georgia Panagou Director of photography Victor Pichon Music composer Alejandro Mune Voice Dimitris Panagopoulos Editing Supervisor Fabio Bobbio Production Ginko Film With the support of Paris 8 Universitè


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