In developement

Par delà les montagnes

Francia, Italia 2025
Inglese, Italiano, Arabo, Francese
4K 16:9, colore, 90
produced by TS Productions (FR), Ginko Film (IT), 2025
direction Grégory Cohen e Manon Ott

On the French-Italian border, Nina, Lily, Sasha, Malick and other young people come from all over Europe to live in abandoned olive groves in the hinterland’s mountains. They are part of a collective to support migrants who seek to cross this border. Living in huts, they joyfully experiment in solidarity, with other forms of social organisation on the fringe of capitalist society. In the evening, next to a fire, migrants and activists tell each other stories and share their dreams. Their visions of the world confront each other. As the seasons go by, the complexity of these encounters, the dissensions within the group, and activist burn-out test their utopias.


Autori e registi Grégory Cohen e Manon Ott Produttori Chiara Andrich, Andrea Mura (IT) Celine Loiseau (FR) Produzione Ginko Film TS Productions Sales Agent Cercamon Distributore Italia Iwonder Finanziato da MEDIA, CNC, MIC, Region Sud, Procirep Sviluppato all'interno di Alpi Film Lab 2022 organizzato da Torino Film Lab