Ràixe – In Viaggio con i Tabarchini

Italia 2019
Italiano, Tabarchino, Valenziano
HD 16:9 colore, 22
produced by Cooperativa Millepiedi, 2019
direction Andrea Mura
Produzione esecutiva: Ginko Film

Trough the use of oral testimonies, archives, and animations, the documentary leads the viewer to discover the epic journeys of the Tabarchino people across the Mediterranean over the centuries. The story began in Pegli in the 1600s when a group of people from Liguria travelled to Tabarka in Tunisia for trade matters; they then reached Carloforte, Calasetta(Italy), and Nueva Tabarca (Spain) from the 1800s to the present day. The film tells the adventures of a people that can be considered the emblem of cultural mingling, migrations, and connections with other Mediterranean populations while still tenaciously preserving its own roots and culture. The video was made by GInko Film for the project Ràixe – Spazi digitali per la cultura tabarchina by the social coop Millepiedi from Sant’Antioco and was funded by the “Domos de sa cultura” public call for tenders from the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.
The documentary was created specifically for the Ràixe- Digital spaces for Tabarchine culture museum, which was inaugurated in 2019 in Calasetta.


Ráixe - Spazi digitali per la cultura tabarchina Regia/ Direction: Andrea Mura Riprese/ Shooting: Andrea mura, Chiara Andrich Montaggio/ Editing: Chiara Andrich Animazioni/ Animations: Michela Anedda Musiche/ Music: Battista Dagnino, Claudio Pintus Sound design: Indoru Voce narrante/ Voice over: Susanna Mannelli Coordinamento/ Project management: Marzia Varaldo, Stefania Cinus Produzione esecutiva/ Executive production: Ginko Film Produzione/Prodution: Cooperativa Millepiedi Sant’Antioco


Babel Film Festival 2019


Con/With: Nicolo Capriata, Giuseppe Grosso, Andrea Luxoro, Luca Navarra, Luigi Pellerano, Tullia Pusceddu, Remigio Scopelliti