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Francia, Italia 2023
4K, 16:9, colore, 70
produced by Elda Productions, Ginko Film, 2023
direction François-Xavier Destors
Autori: François-Xavier Destors, Alfonso Pinto

"Better to die of cancer than of hunger," are words you may well hear on Priolo beach in Sicily. In the shadows of the lovely city of Syracuse lies one of Europe's largest petrochemical complexes. 70 years after the arrival of the first refineries, the area seems to have been abandoned to its fate as poison taints the sky, water and land. Woven around fragments supplied by residents who resist, are resigned or choose to look the other way, the film Toxic Sicily sets out to tell the tale of a place sacrificed on the altar of progress, modernity and globalisation.

Dal 18 aprile 2024 nelle sale italiane






Autori / Authors: Alfonso Pinto, François-Xavier Destors Regia / Direction: François-Xavier Destors Produzione / Production: Elda Productions (Francia) - Ginko Films (Italia) Produttori / Producers: Christilla Huillard-Kann, Chiara Andrich, Andrea Mura Fotografia / Photography: Jean-Gabriel Leynaud Montaggio / Editing: Matthieu Augustin Montaggio Versione Tv / Editing tv version: Fabio Bobbio Musica / Musics : Jorge Arriagada, Danilo Romancino Suono Presa Diretta / Sound: Sebastiano Caceffo Montaggio Suono / Sound editing: Martin Dezelscaux Mix Audio: Christian Cartier Color Correction: Baptiste Evrard Direttori Produzione / heads of production: Corinne Delpech, Chiara Andrich Assistenti di Produzione / Production assistants : Clarisse Belondrarde, Mavi Calcinotto, Gaia Vianello Mezzi Tecnici / Facilities : Le Fresnoy, Pom Zed, Visual Impact, Mon Amour Film, Associazione Culturale La Bandita, Nonsense Production, Photocinerent, The Desk, Gump Vendite Internazionali / Sales agent: Lightdox Distribuzione Francia / French distributor: Jhr Films Distribuzione Italia/ Italian distributor: Ginko Film Certicazione / Label Green Film Con il sostegno di / With the support of: Eurimages, Centre National Du Cinema Et De L’image Animée, Dgca Del Mic, Region Hauts-De-France, Sicilia Film Commission, Rai Cinema, Bip Tv, Rsi Radio Televisione Svizzera, Procirep-Angoa, Cricd, Ecole Urbaine De Lyon


Best editing Festival dei Popoli - Italian competition 2023


Festival dei Popoli - Italian competition 2023 FIPADOC - Impact section 2024