Il documentario Lisca Bianca – Nata libera selezionato al Nord/Est/Doc/Camp


— Il documentario “Lisca Bianca – Nata libera” prodotto da Ginko Film e diretto da Giorgia Sciabbica e Giuseppe Galante è tra i 4 progetti selezionati alla prima edizione di […]

ganea Film Festival. The workshop is dedicated to production companies based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Trentino and Alto Adige with the support of regional Film Commissions.

The selected projects are: Lazzarone by Francesco Mattuzzi (Planck Films production, Rovereto), Lisca Bianca - Nata libera by Giuseppe Galante and Giorgia Sciabbica (Ginko Film production, Venice), The Other Side of the Pipe by Marko Kumer (Incipit Film production, Udine), and Vista mare by Julia Gutweniger and Florian Kofler (Albolina Film production, Bolzano).

Nord/Est/Doc/Camp 2023 will take place in three stages: it will begin at Pordenone Docs Fest on March 30 and 31, with evaluation and discussion by four established tutors of the pre-editing or a selection of scenes from the film; it will continue at the Trento Film Festival on April 30, with the presentation of the projects to an industry audience, followed by appointments between the documentary teams and invited professionals; and it will conclude at Euganea Film Festival on June 30 and July 1, 2023, with a workshop on the topics of promotion, distribution, marketing, communication and festival strategy, with specific consulting and planning sessions for each of the projects.