Lagunaria Theatrical release in Germany


— Il documentario Lagunaria di Giovanni Pellegrini prodotto da Ginko Film esce nelle sale in Germania con Real Fiction Distribution nel mese di dicembre 2023. Il regista accompagnerà il film […]

With Real Fiction Distribution we are releasing the latest documentary film by Giovanni Pellegrini in German theaters. Some cities will be touched by the author’s presence: Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

LAGUNARIA talks about the last years experienced by the city of Venice and offer a reflection on the problems that afflict many cities around the world today, especially climate change and over-tourism. It is a poetic film: in harbours worldwide stories are told of a mythical city that emerged from the water. The reports of some of its inhabitants show a daily life made of boats and a deep relationship with the lagoon that surrounds it. It is also powerful because it narrates a period marked by phenomena that dramatically showed the weakness of the lagoon city: climate change, with increasingly frequent high waters culminating in the devastating flood of 2019; mass tourism, with the disruption of the socio-economic structure of the city and the resulting depopulation.

Le date alla presenza del regista:

10.12.2023 h 18
Colonia, Filmhaus Kino

11.12.2023 h 19.30
Amburgo, Abaton Kino

12.12.2023 h 18.30
Berlino, Filmkunst 66

13.12.2023 h 18
Monaco, Theatiner

Info e altre date: